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Experienced Pressure Washing Specialists Serving Woodbridge, MD


Lite Work Pressure Washing is Woodbridge's number one answer for premier pressure washing service. We may be a newer company, but our approach to customer care and our work ethic is tried and true. We may be a bit old-fashioned when it comes to taking care of you and your home, but our equipment and techniques are state-of-the-art.

We offer essential exterior cleaning services for residential and commercial customers. However, it's the outcome of our cleaning that helps us earn our flawless reputation. We clean with skill and precision while ensuring your property isn't damaged in the process.

We also make it a point to offer the variety of services that our customers in Woodbridge want and need. To get your free estimate or request power washing today, contact us for courteous feedback.

Roof Cleaning Experts Offering The Quality Our Woodbridge Customers Expect

Is it time for you to schedule your roof cleaning appointment? If you can't remember the last time you had your roof cleaned professionally, it's safe to say that now is the time. Soft washing for your roof is an integral part of routine maintenance, including inspections and repairs.

There's a difference between pressure washing and soft washing, and some surfaces just require the no-pressure cleaning alternative.

  • Safer but just as thorough
  • Prevents water intrusion
  • Removes deeply embedded dirt
  • Eradicates organic growth
  • Prevents immediate regrowth

It's not a good idea to use standard power washing techniques on certain surfaces, like your asphalt shingles. Other areas that respond better to soft washing include siding, windows, and stucco.

Although soft washing is better for delicate materials, it's also ideal for jobs requiring a deeper cleaning level. One thing is certain; you can count on Lite Work Pressure Washing to choose the best method to get the job done for your home or business.

Woodbridge's Best Resource For Expert House Washing

It's essential to schedule house washing once every 2-3 years, although some homes require exterior cleaning more often. Some factors that determine the frequency of cleaning are:

  • Amount of shade
  • Amount of direct sunlight
  • Weather that year
  • Rain frequency that season
  • Greenery growth

Call today for your pressure washing in Woodbridge, and rest assured that you're getting 5-star treatment.



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