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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Lite Work Pressure Washing

Lite Work Pressure Washing has gained recognition for pressure washing in Maryland because we know how to treat our customers. We not only provide outstanding cleaning service, but we're also there for our customers, including offering industry information and answering related questions. Review our FAQ and then call us with any additional questions or for your free estimate.

What's The Difference Between Pressure Washing And Soft Washing?

Pressure washing is the process of cleaning a surface using high-pressure water spray through a wand with a nozzle; it can also be used for jobs like paint or rust removal. Soft washing is a type of exterior cleaning that relies more on cleaning solutions to effectively get the job done instead of high-velocity water. Soft washing is the preferred method for delicate surfaces and materials like asphalt shingles or windows.

Is That Black Stuff On My Roof Really Not Dirt?

Roof cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your roofing system, but that's not just dirt we're cleaning off up there. A common misconception is the black accumulation seen on shingles is dirt, but it's actually a type of algae called Gloeocapsa magma. This organism feeds on the asphalt granules, and the streaks are commonly caused when rain washes algae down the roof - but not off. You need soft washing to eliminate the problem and deter it from returning.

I Have Old, Set In Stains. Does Your Service Clean Those Up?

At Lite Work Pressure Washing, we take great pride in our ability to effectively and efficiently clean your exterior surfaces. While not every stain is willing to go away easily, we do our best to remove all traces of even the most stubborn and set in blemish. In most cases, stains will be gone or at least so faint you won't even notice there are still any traces.

Are Your Cleaning Methods Or Chemicals Environmentally Safe?

We believe in doing the best job possible, which also means responsibly. We use cleaning methods and agents that are safe for you, your children, your pets, your landscaping, and the environment.



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